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FP Filigree: the art of Hand-making Gold and Silver Jewellery

Since 1978 the “F.P. di Puppo Diego & Co. snc” has been employing the ancient art of working gold and silver filigree, 100% hand-made nowadays as it was at its early dawns, while new techniques have been introduced along the process.

Our pleasure in listening to our customers’ requests and suggestions, the vast assortment of jewellery , the countless variations that can be applied to the objects on offer, together with strict delivery time punctuality, explain the more and more appreciation our loyal clientele reserves us.

Our aim is to follow the undertaken path towards an incessant and healthy jewellerys market rise, both nationally and internationally. Attention to details, high quality and dynamism will continue to clearly mark the whole F.P production.


F.P. snc via Don Minzoni 47
16013 Campo LigureGenova Italia
tel 010 920570 - 920850 fax 010 920570
info@filigranafp.it  |  P.iva 00946970100

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